A Legacy Beyond Ourselves

By: Siyabonga Londani Zulu

I’m not sure why, but I always get the urge to blog right in the middle of my conversations with my fiancé. I guess I can safely call her my muse or better yet it speaks to the great depth of our relationship.

This time, while we were driving to work, we started to talk about legacy. I have always tried to wrap my head around how little thought we give to our legacy. There is only so much that we can do while  still alive, but we don’t seem to be conscious of the effects of our lives that can be felt beyond our lifetime.

How far you want to advance your legacy is up to you ‘now’. The things that you fail to achieve will impact your future generations. Everything that we do now is a stepping stone for us and those to come.

Imagine two scenarios; a life worth living and a life of complete regret. These are contrasting scenes that seem to re-live themselves over time in the choices made and the choices not made. We cannot deny that we are a result of the decisions that have been made by our parents and their parents we have no control of. We can find comfort however in the fact that we have control of our own destiny.

Siyabonga Londani Zulu

The part that makes me nervous, however, is how my actions, achievements or lack thereof will impact the future of my children and their children’s children. That’s a lot of responsibility to try digest and come to terms with. You may think oh well that’s not my problem and that could be true but it would also be selfish. It is unbecoming of a man or a woman to procreate and not spare a thought to these things. If these things didn’t matter then we would not complain so bitterly about black tax.

What’s my legacy, you may ask? It’s simple; I want to live a life that is significant, a life of service to others and to leave a lasting impact. I want to make a difference to my family and the people around me for generations to come. 

I can sum it up in this quote: 

“Your image, your message, and your past performance should be clear and consistent indicators of the service you will deliver in the future, so people believe it’s in their sincere best interest to come back to you time and time again,” –Janini

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