Actor, Senzo Radebe on representing his township, Alexandra

Alexandra-born actor, Senzo Radebe (24) is a living testimony that nothing can stop you from getting what you deserve in life and without any formal drama qualification, he has went on to star in one of South Africa’s most watched TV series, Muvhango.

By: Sihle Masuku
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The young actor is elated about season 2 of Ingozi – a drama series which tells the story of how on one eventful night the road tears the lives of three different families from three different backgrounds apart.

In the series Senzo plays the role of ,Dali Ndamase, a spoilt attention seeker who does not care about anyone but himself.

Senzo can look intimidating from a distance because of his buff physique, but when you meet him in person, you get to see his charm and humility.

The young star appears to be a philanthropist and is always thinking of ways to help aspiring actors in his township of Alexandra.

Before landing this role, he appeared on several dramas, including Muvhango, Ring of Lies, and Z’bondiwe.

Blacklight met with Senzo to find out about his journey as an actor.

Blacklight: You are famously known for your role of Sthembiso from Muvhango, how did you land that role?
  I got the role in 2013 when I was doing my grade 12. I went to audition for the character of Vusi -in total the people who were auditioning were thirty and after everything we were just two and I didn’t get the role of Vusi, but instead they told me that they have created another role for me which would suit me very well. I was offered the role of Sthembiso which I had not auditioned for and that is how my acting career began.

Senzo is living his dream.

Blacklight: What do you enjoy about playing the role of Sthembiso?
I enjoy playing Sthe, because the character is more familiar with who I am as a person. Sthe is from the hood and is always hustling his way up in the corporate world, which is something I am about. I mingle with people who help better me as an actor and as a person.

Blacklight: Before Muvhango what other roles have you played?
Before Muvhango I did a lot of theatre and when I got the role on Muvhango, things started to happen for me. I got offered a small role on Mzansi Magic’s telenovela called “Ring of Lies” and soon after that I got a leading role on another television drama on SABC 1 called Ingozi. We have just started shooting season 2 of Ingozi which will play on SABC 1 very soon and I am very excited about that.

Blacklight Magazine: Having had started your career in theatre, what do you prefer between theatre and TV?Senzo: I have fallen in love with television and I know a lot of actors prefer theatre because it allows you to carry on with your acting without directors always telling you to “cut” a scene. I like playing the same emotion for different “takes”, where the director will tell me to do this and that for this role to perfect it. For example many actors do not like to be told to cry on the first “take”, second and third but for me I enjoy doing that because I believe it is a skill on its own.

Blacklight: What have you learned about the acting industry, since you started?
I have learned that you need to be smart with choosing agents. Your agent needs to be someone you trust and someone who has your best interest at heart. They need to understand where you come from and where you are planning to go with your career. Every endorsement deal or whatever I get into, I’ve learned that I need to always discuss it with my agent because that is very important in this business. It is easy to get ripped off in this industry as a budding actor, so all money issues need to be dealt with by the manager or agent.

Blacklight: You are considered sexy, what is sexy, in your opinion?
I am aware of that but that is not the reason why I always go to the gym six days a week. Sexy for me is symmetry, there needs to be a balance. It’s very holistic (It’s inside and out)

Blacklight: When you’re not on set shooting, what are you up to?
I am a private personal trainer and that’s what I do when I am not busy with work.

Blacklight Magazine: What is your purpose with all that you do?
I am all about proving to my people in the township that it is possible. I plan to open up a production house, so that I can open doors for the less fortunate people who aspire to enter into this industry.

Instagram: @senzo_radebe

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