Fitness influencer, Bukhosi Khoza’s fitness diary

I am a wellness coach, fitness instructor, fitness model, and a fitness influencer, with over 30 000+ followers on Instagram . Three years ago I was 67kg, now I am 78kg, and it’s all because of clean eating and hard training.

By: Bukhosibethu “Beekay” Khoza

My Job

I am a qualified herbal life wellness coach. I coach people online and assist them with their journey towards becoming healthy and fit.

It’s a full wellness package because I look at my clients’ diet, how they should gym, their lifestyle and their mentality. As a coach, my speciality is personal development. I am good at motivating my clients so they can have a different mind-set. I use my journey through fitness to change their lives.

Adopting a fitness life

When I am at the gym it’s my “me” time.

When I was young I wanted to be a professional rugby player. I played from grade 10 to matric, but I was always the thinnest and I had to train harder.

It was only after I did my matric, in 2015, that I fully adopted the gym life.

Growing up I was always underestimated because I was shy. I was brought up in such a way that turned me into a loner.

Since adopting the fitness life I have become more confident, my personality and my mind-set have changed – drastically.

Fitness has taught me that when I continuously work on myself my whole world blossoms.

Going to the gym is a special time for me to connect with myself. It’s my “Me” time.

Every meal and exercise is like overcoming obstacles that deter me from achieve my goal. That’s when I learn to separate myself from the busy world and just focus on my goals.

Fitness Muse

I get a lot of messages from people telling me how much I inspire them to do well and that always makes me feel like I am doing something right. Because of that, every day I am inspired to do things right because you never know who is watching and emulating you.

There are No Shortcuts

People should understand that ‘investing in your body is investing in life’. It’s a long journey, but if you do it right then it can be a lifetime thing.

I know of people who use steroids and I have also been tempted to use them. If it wasn’t for my family medical aid making us go for full tests every six months, I would have succumbed to the urge. I am glad I didn’t because using steroids comes with a lot of dangers.

At the time I was pushing myself because I was training hard but I didn’t the results I wanted. I started using supplements and they affected me badly. I experienced a lot of the side effects.

The body was taking shape but I developed acne and other side effects. That made me realise that if you are going to be obsessed with the gym, then you also need to be obsessed with the right diet. Just like in life, there are no shortcuts because they always catch up with you.

My fitness schedule

My diet is quite clean and is supplemented by hard training. On a good week, I go to the gym six times – I make sure I go from Monday to Friday, at least. Either I go in the morning or afternoon, depending on my schedule for the day. But recently it’s been mostly morning because I can gym and then face my day.

This is my weekly diary:


07h00: Wake up and take a shower.


07h30: I have my herbal life tea (It helps with my energy and endurance for the whole day and burns my stain fat -if I ate something the night before and it’s still on my stain fat it gets rid of it).

I follow the tea with four cups of water.

07h50: I then have my Formula 1 shake and PDM (Protein Drink Mix) – That’s where I get my protein. As men we need about 80gm -120gm Protein, every day, and women need about 60gms -100gms of protein in order to keep our bodies flowing and our metabolism high.

The shake keeps me full (for at least three hours) and also burns fat. The shakes come in different flavours but my favourite is the cappuccino. You mix the shake with the Protein drink, which only comes in vanilla.


11h00: I have my fruit salad or four bananas with an apple, along with my shake and snack bar.


13h00: I will have chicken, rice and mixed vegetables (small portions). I boil my chicken first and then I fry it with olive oil. I boil my rice and my mixed-veg.

I limit my spices to black pepper and chicken spice.

I have chicken because it’s great for protein, especially the chicken breast (which is the healthiest part in a chicken).  It recovers and feeds my muscles, especially if I am going to hit the gym hard.  White rice is a good carb filler before a work out.

13h15: I Drink the Herbal Life tea to build my energy before the workout and four cups of water.

13h30: I Drink the CR7 Drive (pre-workout drink and during my workout) to keep my endurance high and for hydration.

14h00: I start my work. On Mondays I do my chest and calf. I do six chest exercises and about three calf exercises. What usually works for me is the Dumbbell Press Chest exercise and the Bench Press.

The maximum time for my workouts is two hours (depending on what parts of the body I am doing).

16h00: After the work out I drink my Formula 1 shake and PDM (Protein Drink Mix) for muscle recovery and it makes my muscle look good and keeps me pumped for the day.


17h00: I have my Chicken breast or fish with rice and mash. The mash is my carb-filler because after six I don’t eat anymore, except for my protein bars for snacking.

“There are no shortcuts”


I follow the same routine including the sequence, but the workout, lunch and supper will vary on certain days.


Same breakfast as Monday till Wednesday.


Same snack, but the fruits may vary.


Four slices of tuna sandwich with wholewheat bread along with a 100% 500gm Apple juice. The tuna is good for muscle gain.

14h00: I do my work out. This time it’s shoulders, abs and stomach – same duration as Monday.


17h00: I have tuna and brown rice. Brown rice is good for protein.

Reaping the rewards


Wednesday I follow the Monday and Tuesday morning routines; I will just have hake and mixed veg for lunch and supper. Fish is good for protein. The “It oil” in the fish activates your cell muscles to grow. The wholewheat bread helps you stay satisfied and has low calories.

14h00: Wednesdays I do my back and my arms.  It’s a longer session and I drink my CR7 drive twice because the sessions are longer.

After gym, I will still maintain the same evening routine as from Monday and Tuesday. For supper I will most likely have what I had for lunch, sometimes with slight changes.



06h00: I have oats, cooked oats, Bokomo.

I follow the same routine most of my mornings and afternoons, but I will have oats for breakfast because I will be doing my legs for the day. Oats is great for energy and protein.


13h00: I will have chicken, spinach and broccoli. I need a lot of protein because leg day is intense and can drain you. Broccoli has a lot of protein and spinach has a lot of water that keeps me hydrated, and also gives me a lot of strength during my session.


1400: I am doing my legs and calf.


17h00: I will have chicken and broccoli.



Same breakfast routine as Monday to Wednesday.

12h00: I go to the gym early on Friday and by Afternoon I am socialising with my friends.

17h00: I will have my steak (steak contains a lot of protein and Iron) and potatoes. I will have maybe two glasses of wine. Red wine is good for physical performance, for your heart and muscle strength.


On weekends I try and rest. If I am free on Saturday. I might go to the gym and do some cardio. I also cheat a bit with my food, maybe have a pizza.

On Sunday I will do a jog at night just to pace myself for the upcoming week.

Bukhosi “Beekay” Khoza (23 years old) is a fitness model, fitness instructor and wellness coach from Rustenburg. He currently stays in Pretoria and studies Business Management at Tshwane City College. Beekay is a qualified Herbal Life wellness coach and is part of their Elite Team.

Instagram: @bukhosi_khoza

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