The Resurrection of Cama Gwini

Recently Cama Gwini (Siphokazi Buti) rose from the ashes with a new album, Zanemvulakazi, and like a true chameleon she flaunted a new sound and new look that left many of her disciples spellbound.

Images by: Lin Aztekville

Since her entry into the industry, the Xhosa princess has been anything but predictable.
With three albums under her belt, Zivile, Emandulo (ancient times) and Re-birth, she continuously displays unparalleled artistry and fashion sense.

Although not a vocal powerhouse, she established herself as rockstar on stage with her charisma and showmanship.
After a five-year hiatus from the music business and parting ways with Native Rhythms, she has finally re-emerged with her new album Zanemvulakazi, boasting a more modern sound and a more sexually provocative look.

Cama Gwini on stage.

At her listening session, at Afro Bru, in Maboneng, Johannesburg, she once again proved her critics wrong – she is definitely not a fly-by-night star.

At the venue full of her die-hard fans she performed songs from her new album with such finesse as if making a bold statement that she is also a superstar worthy of respect.

Her album seems to be more personal than her rest, straying from her famous lyrics about her spiritual calling and more autobiographical.

Her new single “Dubai” -which incited a sing-along from the crowd- shares the story about how she would hotel-hop looking for a rich man to fall in love with.

The title track, Zanemvulakazi, chronicled her struggles while away from the prying eyes of the entertainment industry. While the tear-jerking song Nomalanga pays homage to her late mother.

However it seems the new Cama Gwini is more unrestrained musically with songs like Amahule (Bitches) and Love And God which are proving to be hits with fans.

If the listening session is anything to go by, Cama Gwini is here to boldly carve her name along those of the respected music stars of Mzansi.

Zanemvulakazi is available on all digital platforms and selected music stores.

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